Print Makers. Story Tellers. Adventurers. Artisans.


Founded in 2004 in Sydney’s Bondi Beach by designer and artist Camilla Franks, CAMILLA has captured the imagination of the world with its vibrant and iconic aesthetic across luxurious resort and occasion wear.

To inspire every collection Camilla follows her heart to far away cultures, collecting artefacts and images.

She immerses herself in worlds of the unknown, to create pieces that are treasured by collectors.

Prints are hand-drawn and painted by in-house artists, pieces cut and sewn by hand, and every crystal or embellishment is applied with precision.


Hour by hour, day by day, our team of creatives breathe life into each and every one our designs, with each garment passing through many magic hands.

The design process begins with our prints, where our in-house artists weave magic, drawing and painting each unique design. Defined by vibrant colour, each print perfectly tells the story of founder Camilla Franks’ journeys through the unexpected and unknown.

Our designers then create the silhouettes that define each collection: starting with the iconic pieces that defined the brand’s beginning, then moving modern ready-to-where pieces and experimenting with new shapes.

Our prints are meticulously placed to each unique pattern, and then each embellishment is placed by hand. The storytelling continues in the design details: look closely and you’ll find bespoke charms and hardware signature to the collection.

CAMILLA is the ultimate expression of the duality of life. We honour the strength in softness, the restless yearning to roam the world alongside the peace of planting down roots. We give our Tribe the chance to experience freedom of expression, freedom of self and the unbridled joy that comes with being their truest, most authentic self.  We spread our attitude of love, acceptance and the beauty of diversity. We awaken the adventurous spirit that resides in all of us.


These are The Hunger Project, Women’s Community Shelters, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Together, these three charities are helping to stop child marriage through education, protecting victims of domestic violence through shelter and preventing women dying of breast cancer through research.


A CAMILLA Boutique is like falling down the rabbit hole. Walking through our doors is a total sensory experience that lets you escape the every day.

To the hardwood columns with delicate marble inlay that have stood watch over bygone palaces or the walls that hang heavy with intricately pieced together travel treasures, we want you to experience our magic, and leave a new person, knowing yourself that little bit better.


We worship every inch, every curve, every line of the divine feminine. Fashion should be all about celebrating a woman’s unique identity and honouring all forms of the female body. Every woman has the right to feel beautiful, no matter her age, shape, size or colour.


Travel has always served as the creative inspiration for our prints, the brand is built on experiencing the unexpected and the unknown.

We've trekked the globe, seeking out new adventures, new places, new people.

We immerse ourselves in worlds where we don't often speak the same tongue, but connect through the language of textile, colour, food, sound.

Our prints become a diary of our travels, communicating the essence of far-flung destinations, communities and culture. A poetic collision of imagery and personal experiences.

“Owning my brand has to come with accountability and responsibility.

I feel if you don't have a social responsibility to give back to a community or cause, no matter how big or small, your business lacks heart.

Since the start I always felt compelled to engage in charity and giving back to community.

I had a blessed beginning in life, I was educated, I was able to start a brand and to live a life of freedom.

This shouldn't be considered a privilege - everyone deserves a world of possibilities. And I want to pay that forward.

The definition to success for me is having the opportunity to help, empower, support, enable and celebrate others. That has always been so important to me.”



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